Hello everyone. 

I have put this page together for all our BG who are struggling to get a proper Headshot and Full Body Photo of themselves for uploading.

First off - what makes for a good headshot?

Well, it should be a clear photo from the waist up, with nothing covering your face (sunglasses or masks)

It should be well lit (nothing fancy, just enough light to be able to see your features clearly.

It should be with a plain background (a solid Colour wall is ideal)

Second - Full Body Photo

This is a Head to Toe photo of just you, no group shots. Make sure the photo is close enough that you are prominent in the frame, without a lot of background. (We want to see you not the background.)


Naming your Photos:  you should always name your photos, regardless of what they are so that you remember where, when and with who they were taken, but specifically for Headshots and Full Body Photos for the Movie industry, we REQUIRE that your full name be the name of the Photo, with the addition of the #1 added for headshots and the #2 added for Full body Photos.