It is MANDATORY that you know this

information BEFORE coming to set!

The following information will help you have an enjoyable

experience as a BG (Background Performer) on set!

How it works:

Now that you have applied to be a BG, you may or may not be contacted for any days the project feels you would be appropriate for that project, be it Film, TV or commercial.


Availability and the work period:

When you sign up for any project, make sure you are available for the either entire length of that project or for the days you have committed to. The project 'Shooting Dates' will usually be posted on (or linked to) the Sign up form. You must have no other commitments for that duration as we never know exactly how long ‘the day or night ’ is going to last. An average ‘shoot day’ for our crew is 12 hours with a 1 hour unpaid (but we feed you!) Lunch break. Adults may be needed for some or all of the day.


Children under 12 yrs. old can only work an 8 hour day. Youth 12 to 15 yrs. old can only work a 10 hour day. Any person under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian 21 years of age or older. Anyone 16 years and older are considered an adult and can work any amount of hours. Overtime is paid after 8 hours.


Call time and location:

This means when and where we need you to show up! You will be provided (usually email) with this information before you are expected to work. You must confirm using the method provided, email, txt, website form, etc.. If you are expected to work and have not heard from the project, check your email/txt's, messages, website etc to see if you missed something (Check the junk folder on your email just in case)


You must come to set ‘camera ready’.

This means for women: that you must be showered, and come with your hair and make-up done in the style requested. Please bring your make-up kit for touch ups.

This means for men:  that you must be showered, shaved and your hair styled as requested.

Please do not wear scents of any kind due to crew allergies!


Wardrobe and props:

Specific requests MAY be made for a project. If requests are made, then the wardrobe department will have met with you and determined which outfits and how many are appropriate.  Always wear the primary outfit and bring (if requested the additional outfits appropriate to the role of your character. Please remember to bring any requested additional outfits clean and freshly pressed in garment bags.


On the day you work:

When you arrive, you will report to an area called ‘BG holding.’ There you will fill-out the necessary paperwork to be paid for the day. Please make sure you have your Social Insurance Number (SIN), driver’s license and Manitoba health numbers with you. Minors will give their date of birth and Manitoba health number. It’s a good idea to write them out on one piece of paper and bring it with you to show our BG wrangler.

Then you will be processed through the hair, make-up and wardrobe departments (if required) Please remember you are playing a character and the crew knows what is the best look for the film! Do not alter your hair, make-up or costume once you are completed.

BG Holding is your home base for the day. You will travel to set from there. Please do not bring any valuables as there is no place to lock items away.

Cell phones and pagers are allowed in the BG Holding area only. They must be turned off prior to going to set.

We do offer snacks and refreshments throughout the day. This is called "Craft Service". If you have special foods and beverages you prefer to eat, you are welcome to bring them with you. Please remember you will be shown where your snack table is – do not eat off the crew table!

There are no illegal drugs or alcohol allowed at this workplace!

If you have allergies or have to take medication at a specific time  (i.e. epi pen, insulin) please inform our BG wrangler at time of sign-in.

We also suggest you bring something quiet to occupy your time while in holding. (i.e. books, magazines, cards, knitting, etc…)


On set:

Once you are taken to set you will be explained what you need to do for the scene by a member of the A.D. (Assistant Directors) department. Listen carefully and do exactly what is needed of you.

Once you rehearse it or do ‘a take’ you will be asked ‘to go back to your 1's'. This is the place that you first started from. Do this as quickly and as quietly as possible. But never run on set!

Please don’t forget to take any costume pieces or props with you to set that you were given for the scene!



Like any job there are rules to follow, here are some of ours:

Be ready to go on set as soon as you are asked for.

Do not talk to the actors unless they speak to you first...

-   Reply politely, keep it short, do not talk about their personal lives.

-   Do not ask for autographs

-   Do not bring a camera

-   Do not sit in a chair with someone’s name on it

-   Have fun and remember – this is a job!