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Current Project(s)
NEXT! is excited to announce that we are casting
 all Background Players
For the new feature film...

Champions is a Feature Film

that will be filming in Winnipeg

November 2nd - December 12th.


NEXT! Casting is casting All BG, Basketball Players, 
IDD Basketball Players and IDD BG
To work on "Champions" as a BG you Must be able to provide Proof of Double vaccination.
You MUST read and comply with all the mandatory production procedures
regarding Covid Safety, testing and screening.
Due to the fact that we are collecting personal information and photos,
security dictates that we do everything within Google's system.
Google requires a Gmail account to sign in.
Same as with "Dark Harvest"

If you don't have a Gmail account yet - please take a moment to create one.

It's FREE and EASY!!

To Use your existing email address:
Go to the Google Account Sign In page -  
- Click Create account. 
- Enter your Name. 
- Click "Use my current email address instead"
- Enter your current email address. 
- Click Next. 
-Verify your email address with the code sent to your existing email.
- Click Verify. 

To Create a New Gmail account:  
- Click Create account. 
- Enter your name in the "Username" field
- Enter a username. 
- Enter and confirm your password. 
- Click Next. 
- Optional: Add and verify a phone number for your account. 
-Click Next.
- Please use your proper first & last name (if possible) in your Gmail Profile, 
so it's easy to find you when we search for you!

For Families, Each person should have their own Gmail account, Kids too.
This is because the form we use links the GMAIL account name to the uploaded files.

Don't feel overwhelmed.
It's easier to do than you think :)
Thanks kindly and we look forward to receiving your submission!
Sign-Up Now!
 This link is for all "Regular" BG and Character BG
Regular BG Signup
This link is for all Basketball players ONLY.
This is for IDD people only!